Rice Flour Balls with Chocolate | 3 Ingredient Recipe

Rice Flour Balls with Chocolate
Easy 3 ingredient dessert recipe is a wonderful way to surprise those you love. Add fruit or chocolate inside those cute little rice balls, and roll them into the coconut flour, or cocoa, or even sugar! Nice and decorative,
easy to make, and delicious to serve!


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NUTRITION FACTS (per 1 ball):
- Calories ............... 60 kcal
- Protein ................. 1 g
- Total Carbs ............ 12 g
- Total Fat ............... 1 g

INGREDIENTS (20 balls):
• 200g glutinous rice flour
• water
• 50g chocolate
• 50g raspberries
+ coconut flour, sugar or cocoa

1. In a big bowl mix together glutinous rice flour with water, until it is ready for shaping into balls.
2. In the middle of each ball put a chocolate or a fruite that you like, and cover it with dough from all sides.
3. Get the balls shape with your palms.
4. Place the balls into the boiling water, and let it cook for 4 minutes.
5. Take the balls out from the water and roll them into the coconut flour, sugar, or cocoa.


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