The Champagne Facts Serving Etiquette You May Not Know

Although you may be popping bottles of Champagne when the New Year rolls in, are you really educated on the more complex aspects of consuming this fizzy beverage? Do your guests hide in fear that they will be hit by an airborne cork as you try to open a bottle of bubbly? Is your kitchen counter full of spills because you overfilled the glasses? Does your bottle go flat in a short period of time?

If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions, it is important to take the time to brush up on some etiquette when you are handling the bubbly. Once you learn all of the tips and pointers from serving Champagne to enjoying it, you will be ready to uncork that expensive bottle at your next party or event.

Keep It Standing

This wine is different from other types of wines in that it should stay in the standing position, preferably in a cellar when stored. Although there is some debate as to whether the wine gets better the longer it sits, many experts agree that it will not get better after it is bottled.

So, what does this mean? Experts say that there really is no need to store a bottle of bubbly for several years.

Do Not Slant the Glass

Many people automatically slant the glass when they are pouring any beverage that fizzes, including wine. However, the correct way to pour bubbly wine is to keep the glass upright. Only fill the glass a third of the way, and then you can top it off if needed. You should also refrain from filling the glass all the way to the rim.

You can keep the cork from becoming a dangerous projectile by making sure you hold the cork tightly and twist the bottle instead of the cork.

Do Not Place Your Thumb in The Bottle's Indentation While Pouring

Most manufacturers now use bottles that have a deep indent located at the bottom. Never pour into a glass while placing your thumb in the indent to hold the bottle.

Instead, when you are serving a magnum of bubbly, your thumb should be positioned in the divot while you are pouring your guests something to drink.

Use Ice and Water To Chill The Bottle

Instead of placing the bottle in the refrigerator for several hours, you can chill the bottle within an hour by placing it in a bucket full of water and ice. Water is essential in the cooling process because it acts as a conduct for cold temperatures.

It Is Not Important For the Beverage 'To Breathe'

Unlike red wines, this type of wine does not need to breathe. On the other hand, pouring it into a glass will allow it to 'air out'. Purchasing a stopper for the bottle will help keep the beverage fresh in your refrigerator for a day or two after it has been opened.

So, the next time you are hosting an event and will be serving Champagne, use these tips to not only showcase your knowledge, but to also make your event unforgettable for your guests.

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