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  • Makisushi


    This is a tipical Japanese food with rice, fish, soja souce and Nori. Thanks Tags: coba, japanese Antonio Jun 8, 2009 196 views

  • Salmorejo cordobes

    Salmorejo cordobes

    Hi, I,m uncocineroencasa and this is a cold soup with bread, tomato and garlic. Tipical in the sout… Tags: coba, soup Antonio Jun 8, 2009 100 views

  • Ajoblanco


    Hi I,m Antonio from uncocineroencasa.com and this is a spanish could soup with almond, bread and ga… Tags: coba, spanish Antonio Jun 8, 2009 102 views

  • Prepared a cod

    Prepared a cod

    Hello I,m Antonio de la coba from Granada and www.uncocineroencasa.com show how you can prepared a… Tags: cod, spanish Antonio Feb 24, 2009 116 views


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